1 Jan 2021


Ms Nizelle Lim-Kwong
VECO Paper Corporation

Welcome to the PaperOne™ customer feature, where we interview our customers to find out more about them, their company, their thoughts about the industry, and their partnership with APRIL Group.

For this month’s spotlight, we spoke with Ms Nizelle Lim-Kwong of VECO Paper Corporation.

Located in Manila, Philippines, VECO Paper specialises in the manufacturing of school and office paper supplies like notebooks, index cards, logbooks and more.

PaperOne™: Hi Ms. Lim-Kwong, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! First off, can you tell us more about VECO Paper and your role in it?

Nizelle: Hi there Paperone™ team! Nice to meet you. VECO Paper is actually our family-owned business, where I have been working with my father and the company President Mr. Victor Lim since graduating from university in 2005. We specialise in the printing and trading of school and office paper supplies and have been in operation since 1980!

PaperOne™: Wow that’s a long time! You must have had the chance to try a lot of different paper products. What are some of our PaperOne™ products that you work with on a daily basis?

Nizelle: We have been distributing Paperone™ Copier, All-Purpose and Digital range for over 20 years! Copy & Laser Paper is another brand from APRIL Fine that we carry. We also manufacture school and office supplies using the jumbo paper rolls from APRIL Fine. Our finished products are sold throughout the Philippines.

PaperOne™: Thank you so much for your patronage over the years. Were there any particular reasons that made you decide to stay with us as a partner for such a long time?

Nizelle: (Laughs) Yes of course! We’ve built a great relationship with APRIL Group over the years. This is mainly because the brand representatives have always been supportive and professional. Also, the quality of the products is exceptional. We like the bright white shade, coupled with the crisp and vividly coloured printouts. On top of that, they are PEFC certified!

PaperOne™: Thank you so much for the kind words! Moving on, what is your take on the paper industry today, and how do you see VECO Paper growing with it?

Nizelle: : In my time with the company, the biggest change I’ve witnessed is the shift from print to digital. Being able to stay relevant is a challenge. That’s why we are constantly rebranding and redesigning products in order to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of design and quality. We’re confident that we are on par with the bigger international brands when it comes to these aspects! In addition, we have started selling our products on popular e-commerce platforms this year, which enabled us to reach and distribute our products to more end-users during the lockdown period!

PaperOne™: That’s great to hear! One last thing before we end off, where do you see VECO Paper in the next five years?

Nizelle: : I definitely see us growing substantially in terms of online presence, as we look to make even more of our product ranges available for sale online. We also hope to strengthen our branding in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. One way we can do this is to explore different opportunities — We're actually looking at venturing into packaging and other niche areas of the market as well, so stay tuned!

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